Thursday January 31st 2019: Joke Of The Day


A suggestible and impulsive young lady took up the dare and  boldly boarded the plane for her first attempt at sky diving. Donning her parachute and waving away advice from more experienced skydivers on board, she boldly plunged out into the cool blue sky and started her plummet down to earth.


As her speed picked up she realized that in her haste to start her adventure she had neglected to listen carefully enough to the instructions. As panic set in and as earth loomed closer and closer she thought her prayers were answered when she saw another person shooting straight up towards her from earth. When he was within range she shouted out, “Hey.? you know how to open a parachute?” As he skyrocketed past her he shouted back, “No!…do you know how to light a gas barbecue?”

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