Don’t Do These At A Wedding

Rudest Things You Can Do at a Wedding

  1. You sit in the front row.
  2. You bring an uninvited guest.
  3. You forget to RSVP.
  4. You take your own pictures and post them on social media.
  5. You make a beeline to the dessert table.
  6. You don’t sit at your assigned table.

As a DJ, and I’ve done many weddings, I can add a few more:


7. This I have noticed a lot in recent years, when someone is making a speech, people still chat, or continue on their phone.

8. Speeches that make fun of the bride or groom, unless it has been requested by the couple to tell a funny story, don’t do this.

9. Speeches that are way to long, this usually is discussed when I meet a client, and we agree on a signal used that I start playing music as a cue.

10. Coming up and asking to sing a song, if the bride & groom have not requested this, not a good idea.


Photo Credit: Rude Wedding

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