You Can’t Smoke That Here…Nor There

The town of Saint Lazare issued a comprehensive list of where the use of Marijuana will not be allowed as pot becomes legal next week.

Provincial law already regulates the possession and use of cannabis in public places, including prohibiting the smoking of cannabis wherever it is already forbidden to smoke tobacco or vape.

The list of places where pot use is banned in Saint-Lazare basically amounts to any public area within the Town’s borders including, but not limited to:

Municipal parks, including nature parks, La Pinière Conservation Area, schools’ parks, the skateboard park, bike paths, recreational trails, athletics tracks, the outdoor pool, playgrounds, including the water park, sports areas, including tennis courts, soccer, football and softball fields, basketball courts, day camps and skating rinks and ovals.
Furthermore, smoking pot will be verboten
at activities, parties, events and municipal gatherings and in general,
less than 9 meters from public buildings also, at all times on the grounds of early childhood centers and daycares, educational institutions, including adult general education centers and vocational training centers, on the terraces of restaurants and bars and in the common areas of apartment buildings with 2 to 5 dwellings.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it…just not here.


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