Vampire A Real Life Masquerade

Andreas Bathory, of Transylvania, lives his life as a vampire by drinking human blood and sleeping in a coffin inside a castle.

Bathory tells the news outlet that he was inspired by the infamous ruler, Vlad The Impaler. “Four years ago, he came to me in my dreams. He was in a dark chamber calling me ‘my son.’ I don’t believe I’m his descendant, but that rather, he chose me to relay his message and traditions with the new generation.”

Instead of biting necks, Bathory relies on a group of fellow vampires to collect blood donations.

Wow, I suggest instead, just buy the Vampire: The Masquerade Role Playing Game, and either play table top rolling dice, or the live action version, where instead of actually biting people, spreading infection, etc, use the old Rocks Paper, Scissors game…a lot safer….


One last thing, at least real Vampires don’t shimmer….

Photo Credit: White Wolf

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