Tuesday April 30th 2019: Joke Of The Day


Charlie goes to the doctor and asks the doctor he can prescribe him some Viagra. The doctor says to Charlie, “No Charlie, I can’t prescribe you Viagra. You’re 90 years old, it’s dangerous”. Charlie is adamant and begs the doctor by saying, ” please doctor, I want to make love to my wife” The doctor finally agrees to give him the Viagra but on two conditions. That he takes it for a day and skips a day and Charlie must call him after 1 week to tell the doctor how everything went.


A week goes by and the doctor does not hear from Charlie. The doctor calls Charlie’s home and his wife answered. The doctor asked to speak to Charlie and his wife replied that Charlie had passed away. The doctor was shocked and asked this to Charlie’s wife. ” Oh no, was it the Viagra?” Charlie’s wife replied. “No, it was the skipping!

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