Thursday May 2nd 2019: Joke Of The Day


A pirate ship invades a small remote island and captures a prisoner. When the ship returns to sea, the captain of the pirate ship sentences the prisoner to walk the plank. In good faith, the captain gives the prisoner permission to have one last cigarette, one last drink and one warm shower before executing his sentence.


The prisoner lights up his last smoke and manages to make it last half an hour.


The captain provides the prisoner with a glass of beer. The prisoner sips it slowly and finally finishes an hour later.


Growing impatient, the captain says, “Alright, time for your warm shower, but let’s make it quick.” Much to the captain’s surprise, the prisoner says, “nevermind, I’ll pass.”

“Are you sure, says the captain, this is your last chance?”


“Yes,” says the prisoner, “I’ll probably just wash up on shore”

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