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Closures Abound This Weekend

A major closure in the Turcot interchange will make getting into the downtown core particularly difficult this weekend. There will also be lane closures and surface street closures in the Angrignon interchange as well as on both the Mercier and

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Weekend Road Closures – What To Expect

Weekend road closures will focus on the Ville-St-Pierre interchange this weekend but, there will be closures in the Turcot interchange as well. Highway 20, the 15 and the new 136 (720) will all be affected as well as Notre-Dame Street

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An Easy Weekend Of Road Closures

It will be a relatively light weekend as far as major road closures are concerned. The last weekend of the construction holiday will see a partial closure of Highway 20 and minor shutdowns in the Turcot Interchange. Highway 20 East

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Construction Holiday? Not So Much

We may be in the midst of the construction holiday, but there will be no rest for those working on the Turcot Interchange project. Major shutdowns will affect both the Turcot and Ville-St-Pierre Interchanges as well surface streets around St.Jacques

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If It Is A Road, It Will Be Probably Closed This Weekend

The annual Quebec tradition of the Construction Holiday begins when people knock off work today. There will however, be no holiday from work on area roads. West of the island, Highway 20 will see overnight closures in the area of

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Get Ready For A Long Weekend…Of Road Closures

There will be significant closures in the areas leading to and from the new Champlain Bridge both on the South Shore and on the Montreal side. The roadwork will be done over the next two holiday weekends. This weekend, the

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Best Way To Avoid Traffic Tie Ups This Weekend – Stay Home

Make sure to take note of all the closure maps should you be planning to go anywhere in your car this weekend. This weekend’s road closures coupled with F-1 traffic will no doubt lead to increased travel times for anyone

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A More Difficult Than Usual Weekend For Road Closures In Town

A couple of cycling events in Montreal will add to traffic headaches this weekend. Once again the Turcot interchange and many of its access ramps will be shut down most notably, access to and from the Decarie Expressway, as well

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Long Weekend Road Closures

Welcome to the long weekend. There will however, be no extra day off as far as road work is concerned. The Turcot interchange will see the bulk of the weekend’s work which starts at midnight tonight and lasts until 5

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You Can Get There But…

Now that we can access the island of Montreal with relative ease, traveling into the downtown core will once again pose some difficulties this weekend. Closures through the Turcot interchange will affect the 15, the 20 and St-Jacques Street in

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You Can’t Get There From Here

This weekend’s road and ramp closures will affect both the Turcot and Ville St-Pierre interchanges. The 20 and 136, in both directions will be closed through the Turcot interchange while the eastbound 20 will be shutdown in the Ville St-Pierre

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Weekend Road Closures A Day Early

Instead of the normal Friday night start to weekend road closures, this week will feature closures starting at 11pm tomorrow (Apr .4, 2019). And those closures are going to be significant; Highway 20 and the new Highway 136 in the

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Turcot Traffic Troubles Again This Weekend

Major closures in the Turcot Interchange are in store once again this weekend including a complete closure of the Southbound 15 in the heart of the interchange and St. Jacques will be closed in both directions between Glen and Decarie.

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It’s The Weekend-So-That Road Is Closed

While the demolition work in the Turcot yards continues this weekend, there will be major road and ramp closures through the area. Again the 15 and the 20 will see the brunt of the closures. The following ramps are all

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Extensive Road Closures This Weekend

Some significant closures through the Turcot Interchange this weekend… Here are a few of the “Highlights”. Westbound Highway 136 (A-720) / Highway 20  between Exit # 5 – (Boul. R.-Bourassa / Champlain Bridge / Victoria Bridge) and the entrance from

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