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Weekend = Road Closures

Work on the St. Pierre, Montreal West and Turcot interchanges will once again mean weekend road and ramp closures making accessing the West end of the city and downtown nearly impossible. Starting at midnight tonight through to 5 Monday morning

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You Can’t Get There From Here

Here’s the roundup of weekend road closures downtown. Both the westbound Ville Marie and Highway 20 will be closed from the Ville Marie Tunnel to the Montreal West Interchange starting at midnight tonight. They re-open Monday morning at 5. Take

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Weekend Road Closures

Once again all of the Turcot interchange and all access to it will be shut down starting tonight. Here are maps of the weekend closures.

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Here We Go Again

Brace yourself, some of this weekend’s road  closures are going to last a lot longer than just the weekend…two years longer. Starting at 10:30 tonight the Ramp from the Westbound Ville Marie to Highway 15 South will be closed until

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Striking Engineers + Turcot Shutdowns = More Traffic Headaches

Getting to the Champlain Bridge will be extremely difficult this weekend. Access to the span from the Eastbound 20, Southbound Decarie and the 720 West will all be closed to traffic as of Midnight Friday. A number of exits will be

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Weekend Road Closures…Again

Getting to and from the downtown core will be particularly difficult this weekend. Here’s what the Turcot shutdowns will look like as of tomorrow night.

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Another Weekend Of Road Closures In Store

More major road closures on the way for this weekend. Starting at midnight tonight and until 5 Monday morning, the Decarie South access to the 720 and 136 East will be closed. The highway 20 East access to the same

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Partial Turcot Closure This Weekend…

Tearing down old structures and building new ones in the Turcot Interchange will result in just one ramp closure this weekend. The Highway 15 South ramp to the new 136 East will be closed as of midnight tonight until 5

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Snow And Highway Closures = Traffic Headaches

  The Eastbound Ville Marie from the Turcot interchange to the Guy Street exit officially closed at five o’clock this morning and is slated for demolition. Traffic coming from Eastbound Highway 20 and Southbound Highway 15 is being funneled into

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