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Montreal may have been where I was born and grew up, but Hudson has been home for over 25 years now, that’s right; I’m the “New Guy”. I have worked in the Broadcast / Entertainment industry for close to 40 years and when the opportunity to work in my adopted home town on the “Ted Bird Morning Show” arose I jumped at it. The short commute sealed the deal.
Favourite Food: In a word; free. Many a gourmet meal has been enjoyed at supermarket sample kiosks.
Favourite Movie: Finding Nemo (I have three young daughters)
Favourite Activities: I really enjoy playing hockey twice a week with the Hudson Originals as well as golfing and watching my daughters’ horse shows.
Favourite Artists: I’m partial to the surrealists although I enjoy Van Gogh as well. Oh, you mean musical artists? Tough to answer, my musical tastes run the gamut from Classical to Rock and Jazz. Of course, I really enjoy all the Lite & Refreshing favourites heard on the Jewel 106.7FM; that or anything with a kazoo solo.


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