On With Rhonda: Benefits of drinking water with Naturopath Frances Michaelson

Think of water as a Lubricant
Water should not be thought of as a drink , but rather as a lubricant for your cells . Our body is made up of 72 % water and when we are thirsty , your cells are dehydrated ! Make drinking more water your first step to improved health !
1/ Drink 1 litre for every 40 lbs of body weight
2/Bones will slip in joints easier ……..ease off pain when flexing knees or elbows
3/ Eliminate toxins and acids with ease ….no more constipation !
4/ Muscles will respond better to training …look more toned !
5/ Keep that glass bottle beside you all day …make it your buddy !
Frances Michaelson has made it her business to help others achieve optimal health and wellness. She began her career in fitness when aerobics was all the rage. By 2001. she owned and operated a personal training studio and exercise product distribution company. As a personal trainer and competitive body builder, she struggled with the conflict of outward appearance and inner health . She questioned why what we looked like on the outside does not necessarily reflect how we feel on the inside . Struggling with her own nutritional challenges, she decided to study naturopathy to gain a better understanding of how our bodies worked from a cellular level.  Since 201o1 naturopathic practice in combination with her educational programs and support helped many clients heal from the inside out . Her desire to spread the word more about gut health comes from seeing their results . Frances Michaelson is a professional speaker , trainer , and naturopath residing outside of Montreal in Hudson , Quebec.  She is recognized in the media as an expert on the subject and is available for interviews and speaking engagements . Book Frances through her website ….livethewow.ca
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