My Number One Celebrity Story

I am attending Comic Con this year…just found out that Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. William Riker from Star Trek: TNG) will be attending…


Well, I met him once before….

I really hope I get to meet Jonathan Frakes this year, I had a memorable experience meeting him at a Convention years ago, I was a volunteer at this convention. I was put in charge of manning a phone area, this was before cell phones. It was quite boring standing there, not being able to see the convention…time passed…more time passed….

Then, the phone rings…. the conversation went something like this: “Hi, this is Jonathan Frakes, nobody picked me up from the airport, can you help me? I’m taking a cab, just need the address.” The convention was at the Bonaventure hotel. Now, I paused for a moment…then, me thinking, this can’t be real, must be one of my friends, who knows how bored I am here. Must be a joke, so I respond: “Yeah, right, ….” and i hung up…Phone rings again, I hung up a second time….

Third ring…”Please don’t hang up, I understand how you could think this is a joke, it is really me, please don’t hang up.”

So, I gave the benefit of the doubt, it did sound like him, and I helped him out. When he finally arrived at the convention, he met me, shook my hand, and laughed, saying thank you. Really down to earth, was not angry about it, he was super nice.

Now he is at Comic Con this year, he might not remember that incident, lol, but I would love to meet him, and say, Hi, remember me…I’m the guy that hung up on you years ago…


Photo Credit: Celebrity Meetings

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