Are You Kidding? I Could Eat It 3 Times A Day….No….Really… I’m Serious!

TASSO: “Are You Kidding? I Could Eat It 3 Times A Day….No….Really… I’m Serious!”

If you’re lacking the will to drag yourself into work in the morning or can’t stop from falling asleep on your keyboard come mid-afternoon, science may have the answer. According to a new study, pizza could be the key to getting your ass in gear and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Forget the proverbial carrot on a stick, a study from psychologist Dan Ariely’s new book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations suggests that the promise of a slice of crisp dough laden with gooey, oozy cheese is the thing that’ll get you burning through your inbox and striking through the to-do list.

The study saw Ariely examine workers who assembled computer chips in a technology company in Israel to find out what incentives made them work harder. Participants were sent one of three messages at the start of the week, promising them either pizza, a cash bonus of the equivalent to £20, or compliments from the boss in the form of a text message as a reward for hitting each day’s targets. Some workers received no message to act as a control group for productivity levels.

The prospect of pie was a winner from the start.​


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