Ghostbusters In Hudson

I would so wet my pants.

If you don’t believe in ghosts, this story might just make you think again.

Photo Credit: Ghostly Encounter

Two weeks ago, paranormal researcher Dan Ducheneaux and his team spent two nights at the Willow Place Inn in Hudson, just west of Montreal, to look for paranormal activity.

For years, rumours had circulated of a ghost that haunted the place, and was the spirit of a servant girl named Maud who was supposedly murdered here in 1837.

The story goes that she was killed by the Patriots and buried in the inn’s basement, because she heard them plotting against the Loyalists.

But some in Hudson say the tale is a bit of a stretch.

Rod Hodgson, a local historian, says that the whole story was conjured up by the hotel’s owners in the seventies, to drum up more business.

“They just wanted to have an interesting situation with an old building with an English-style pub with a ghost.”

He says there was a Maud Leger who lived and died there, the mother of a former owner, but that she died in 1960.

So, he says, “if you want a ghost, it very probably is Maud Leger.”

But it turns out that there might be another Maud associated with the inn. Because in 1906, a steamer collided with another boat and sank not far from the inn, killing three people.

The name of the steamer just happened to be, the Maud.


Photo Credit: Hudson Historical Society


Photo Credit: Ghostbusters


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