Backseat Driving

A new survey by the Accident Advice Helpline reveals that 70% of people say backseat drivers are annoying.


Have you ever done any backseat driving?

  1. Criticizing the driver’s decisions behind the wheel
  2. Complaining about the driver going too fast
  3. Gasping loudly at any slight braking movement
  4. Flinching when they feel the driver is too close to another vehicle/obstacle/wall etc
  5. Complaining about the driver going too slow
  6. Pointing out when to turn off or onto a road at a junction
  7. Pressing an imaginary brake pedal
  8. Advising on which lane the driver should be in
  9. Telling the driver when the traffic lights have changed to green
  10. Insisting on giving directions

Photo Credit: Backseat License

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