Actor Richard Hatch, Star Of Battlestar Gallactica, Dead At 71

When I was growing up, once of the first sci-fi shows I saw was Star Trek, which was on CBC, I remember first watching it and thinking, this looks strange, but at the same time interesting.


From that point, the seed was planted, and my love for the Sci-Fi Genre grew. After Star Trek, I wanted to check out other shows, I then came across Doctor Who on PBS, and was just enthralled by the story telling. Yes, the special effects were cheesy, it aired on PBS at the time,  there was just something about it. Then I saw Star Wars and was hooked on that too. Back then, my parents didn’t have a VCR, so the only way I could which VHS tapes was during visits to my grandparents. I would always make sure we stopped at the video store before getting to their place.


During one visit to the video store, and I always loved browsing in the store for awhile, miss those days, it was like looking through items to find that one gem. So I browsed, and came across a video tape, the front of the VHS box looked some what like Star Wars, but wasn’t, so I was curious and proceeded to rent Battlestar Gallactica. Got to my grandparents, popped the tape in the VCR and pressed play…



What a great show, and the whole premise behind the 13 colonies, basically what our astrology is based on. Now today, after hearing of the passing of actor Richard Hatch who passed away at 71 from pancreatic cancer. One of the things I did after watching all these great shows, was to find a local sci-fi club. I was 12 when I joined Warp Nine and The High Council Of Gallifrey Sci-Fi club. Which ran meetings at John Abbott College at the time. We put on small fan run conventions and I got to be the guest liaison for quite a few actors from these shows. I had met Richard Hatch at one small con, and he was very down to earth and such a nice guy. News of his passing is very sad, but I will always cherish the fond memories of those days.


Photo Credit: Richard Hatch


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